Leverage’s DETECT VMS Now Integrates with BriefCam

Leverage Information Systems announced today they have developed a method within their DETECT Video Management Software to export video directly to BriefCam.  BriefCam is a server based video indexing service with a remarkable collection of  tools designed to process recorded video.  Once BriefCam completes the initial processing of the video, hours of recorded video can be condensed down to just a few minutes.  The condensed video can then be filtered and sorted by color, shape, size and  direction of travel.

Leverage incorporated an export routine within their DETECT software that sends recorded video directly to BriefCam servers where it can be indexed.  Once the routine is configured, it handles the process in background and does not require any interaction from the end user.


BriefCam Logo

City of Anaheim Awards RFP Contract to Leverage for Interview Room Solution

The City of Anaheim issued an RFP based on the Police Department’s need for a digital interview room solution.  Leverage Information Systems was awarded the contract after developing an interview room solution into their existing DETECT Video Management Software.  This integration allowed the interview rooms to become part of the city wide surveillance platform and eliminated the need for a separate audio video recording solution.