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The Importance of High Uptime and Reliability in Municipal Video Surveillance

Want to ensure the safety and protection of citizens and police officers? A municipal video surveillance system is the best solution.


With technology and operators watching different areas of a municipality at any given time, crime and criminal activities are deterred and minimized. But what if one asset of the municipal-wide IP surveillance system fails?


Keeping a close eye doesn’t necessarily work when one eye is blind. This will cause confusion and failure to respond to emergencies in real time. This is why high uptime and reliability must be ensured.


Why High Uptime and Reliability is Important for Municipal Video Surveillance

  • Ensure emergency and quick response in real time.
  • Preserve video assets and ensure easy access to them.
  • Share real-time information virtually, and by other necessary means.
  • Protect the lives of the citizens and responding officers in any situation.
  • Increase confidence in a municipality’s ability to protect its entire community.


A municipal video surveillance system creates and fosters a safe environment for its citizens. But downtime and system failure will render it useless. It is important for the health status of the surveillance system to be monitored constantly and for contingency plans to be in place in case one system goes down.


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Leverage Detect is proud to offer its services nationwide and to the following counties and cities: Chino, Fontana, Hemet, Jurupa Valley, Loma Linda, Moreno Valley, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Riverside, and San Bernardino

City of El Cajon Kicks Off Video Surveillance Unification Project

Leverage Information Systems was awarded the RFP to unify the various surveillance system platforms within the City of El Cajon in June of 2017.  During the past year, the city has been compiling resources in preparation for this project.  They recently held a kick-off meeting to begin the process of unifying the three existing systems under the Leverage Detect banner.  Leverage will apply their knowledge and expertise as they bring together the various components from these legacy systems into the new Leverage Detect System.

Leverage Detect to Begin Surveillance Unification Project for the City of El Cajon


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Leverage Information Systems

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Riverside, California (US):

In a joint meeting of the El Cajon City Council that was called to order by Mayor/Chair Bill Wells last June 27, 2017, network solutions provider Leverage Information Systems was awarded the RFP to develop a consolidated video management system.


The contract is under RESOLUTION NO. 051-17 with a stipulated budget of over $130,000.


The goal is to unify various surveillance system platforms within the city, starting with the 3 existing systems in the City of El Cajon. These will be unified within the Leverage Detect Municipal Surveillance solution.


For the past year, the city compiled the resources for the project and recently kicked off a meeting to begin the unification process.


Leverage Information Systems will connect the existing cameras and make them viewable from a single source via the map-based “Detect” Video Management Suite (VMS). This is a standards-based Windows software platform that is operated through the patented peer-to-peer surveillance architecture.


The legacy systems will be integrated into the new Leverage Detect System with features and functions that are designed specifically to address surveillance requirements at a Municipal level.


The VMS includes the VMS Viewing Software, NVR Recording Software, and Authentication Software.


The new Leverage Detect System will include surveillance cameras in various facilities and many city intersections. Some of the facilities that will be integrated into the new system are the Police, City Hall, Public Works, and the new Animal Shelter.


With the unified system in place, first responders will be provided with real-time situational awareness. This will help them make better decisions during critical events.


Based on the resources provided by the City of El Cajon, Leverage Information Systems will use their years of knowledge and expertise to bring together a wide range of surveillance system components and make them easily accessible in one place by authorized individuals.


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About Leverage Detect: Leverage Information Systems, Inc. designs and delivers networking solutions for commercial and government sectors. It offers data center, cloud, voice and video, network infrastructure, wireless, RFID asset tracking, unified communications, Web collaboration and conferencing, virtualization, INFOSEC service, IT security, and IP surveillance solutions. Leverage Detect serves education, finance, the federal government, gaming/casino, healthcare, hospitality, enterprise, state and local government, public safety/first responder, security, intelligence, defense, science, mid-markets, and utilities. It provides its solutions through distributors. Leverage Information Systems, Inc. was formerly known as Federal Network Services, Inc. and changed its name to Leverage Information Systems, Inc. in March 2007. The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Woodinville, Washington and services all surveillance solutions in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties.

real time video response

The Benefit of Real Time Video Response to Law Enforcement

With law enforcement often outnumbered by the population they need to protect, and the number of criminal activities happening in different areas at the same time or at any given time, they need all the help they can get to improve their operation and ensure the safety of everyone.


This is where real time video response can help. More eyes see firsthand any malicious activity. There are more options to respond, deter, or stop a threat altogether.


How Law Enforcement Benefits from Real Time Video Response


Improve Citizen Safety

Video surveillance installed in public areas, such as schools, parks, and other public places, help deter crimes. This results in decreased crime rate and creates a safe environment for the citizens.


If people feel safe inside and outside of their homes, their quality of life improves. A town or a municipality’s confidence in their ability to protect their citizens will also improve.


Save a Call for Service


Real time video response can be integrated with audio intervention. Using a public address system, a video surveillance operator can help prevent and deter criminal and nuisance activity.


If audio intervention works, alerting the cops to the scene will be unnecessary. Law enforcement can better focus their attention on dire situations.


Situational Awareness

During an ongoing event where police officers respond to an emergency or crime, a video operator can provide them information about things they can’t see or don’t know about.


Real time response can provide instant awareness for the responding officer, telling them where the nearest exit is, which alley is closest to where the crime is happening, where the criminal has run off to, and the like.


Ensure Safety of Responding Officers

There are cases when an officer is dispatched to the scene and will need additional assistance or backup. A surveillance system providing real time response can make that call while providing the responding officer a narrative of what is happening close and around them.


An extra pair of eyes can change the outcome of an event. More importantly, a responding officer will have the protection they need.


Virtual Interaction

Video surveillance tools can be shared with police officers so they can get the same view, content, and information of the scene in question.


Oftentimes, it is enough for details of the situation to be shared over the airwaves. But members of law enforcement have the ability to interpret a person’s reaction and body language which will aid in their assessment of the situation.


This will help responding officers to make better decisions when they move in on a scene, apprehend a criminal, or respond to a call for help.


Shorten Response Time

With pertinent details provided, emergency responders can make the best decisions as quickly as possible. As simple as providing details of the traffic situation will help get them to the scene quickly.


As soon as responders reach a different jurisdiction, a real time video response operator can pass the information to the concerned agency and ensure continuity of the delivery of details.


With this platform, interaction and collaboration are facilitated at a high-level. Information is relayed, clearly, and directly. The possibility of misinterpretation and the amount of time needed to broadcast information is also minimized.


Leverage Detect is proud to offer its services nationwide and to the following counties and cities: Chino, Fontana, Hemet, Jurupa Valley, Loma Linda, Moreno Valley, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Riverside, and San Bernardino

Leverage Information Systems Announces Gold Level Partnership With MISAC Organization

Leverage Information Systems has become a Gold Level Strategic Partner with the MISAC Organization.  MISAC is the acronym for the Municipal Information Systems Association of California which is comprised of IT Professionals from Public Agencies throughout the State of California.  The goal of MISAC is to promote the understanding and strategic use of information technology within local government through the sharing of best practices.  Their key components focus on relationships, member resources, education and professional development as well as advocacy.

As a Gold Partner, Leverage Information Systems’ website will be hyperlinked with the website and listed as a preferred vendor for various MISAC chapters.  Leverage will also host a webinar that will be made available to all MISAC members.  Leverage’s Gold Level status will also be featured at the Annual MISAC Conference in Rancho Mirage, California, September 30 – October 3, 2018.

unified video surveillance system

Why a Unified Video Surveillance System Works

The importance of a unified video surveillance system cannot be emphasized enough. With CCTV footage becoming a major tool in investigations and as evidence, security cameras are more important than ever.


Cameras also serve as a deterrent.


While it is a good idea for a business to have its own video surveillance system, it will be more advantageous if they opt for a unified video surveillance system where different security systems are integrated into one and people in different areas are looking at all the footage.


With a unified video surveillance system, different agencies are integrated to enhance interoperability and to ease management and handling.


Why Does this Kind of System Work?



Better than Compartmentalized Systems 

Here’s a school facing a crisis.


It is equipped with video surveillance that records the event every second. But because the system is not connected to a security agency or a law enforcement security system, the authorities won’t have the same knowledge of what is going on in the school unless alerted to the fact.


If, however, the school’s surveillance system is linked to the municipal surveillance system, emergency response will be better informed.


Assets get Shared but Stored on Different Networks

With a unified system, the same video feed is shared among different agencies and stored in different networks. If one system is down for one reason or another, other networks will serve as a source for video assets.


In other words, if one of the cameras or systems stops working or recording, other networks will continue to work and alert concerned agencies.


Faster Deployment of First Responders

Shared video assets can improve citizen and student safety. No doubt about it.


But what is really important is that a unified video surveillance system not only shares video assets but also the responsibility of protecting citizens and students from harm.


Concerned agencies will be able to respond to emergencies immediately after seeing a live video feed.


First responders will be deployed quickly and disaster can be averted or kept to a minimum. With shared video assets, the effectiveness of first responders is significantly improved.


Why are Unified Video Surveillance Systems More Beneficial?


Continued Expansion Minus the Increased Overhead Cost

Video surveillance can be unified without the huge expense. In fact, you can preserve your existing analog investment and still expand to a unified system.


What is even better is that expanding video surveillance operations is done based on your needs. As your business grows, your security needs also grow. You then have the option to expand to a unified surveillance system according to your business growth.


In other words, a unified video surveillance system can grow with your security needs.


Access to New Technologies

You don’t need to buy new technologies in order to expand your video surveillance system. Leverage Detect has the capacity and knowledge to integrate your system with other agencies, using the right technologies.


A school’s surveillance can be linked to the police department or the traffic agency for in order to achieve unified surveillance. Leverage Detect can help you do this.


Leverage Detect is proud to offer its services nationwide and to the following counties and cities: Chino, Fontana, Hemet, Jurupa Valley, Loma Linda, Moreno Valley, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Riverside, and San Bernardino