How Proactive Response Helps with Public Safety

No one wants to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. And no one wants visitors to feel uneasy when visiting an area they are not familiar with. Talk spreads fast about the security of a particular location, and negative reactions aren’t helped by reports of crime and other dangerous acts occurring in certain places. Public safety surveillance systems can show that there are those who care what happens in their municipality.



Local residents and visitors deserve to feel safe no matter where they are. Public safety should be a top priority for officials. A safe community encourages residents to stay and invites businesses to open. It is possible to achieve a safe and secure neighborhood with public safety surveillance.



The presence of surveillance systems makes it easier for officers to respond proactively to situations. People caught smoking in a park that prohibits it can be warned simply through audio rather than having an officer respond to the situation. Suspects in a robbery have a greater chance of being apprehended if public safety surveillance systems are installed that track their movement.



Disruptions are a part of everyday life, but should be addressed when it threatens public safety. And having several surveillance systems installed can help officers respond in a proactive manner.


Public Safety Surveillance Systems


Knowing that someone is watching gives both residents and visitors confidence in a community. Sharing these resources with law enforcement also helps minimize crime and other untoward behavior.



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Best Practices for Surveillance and Security

Security camera systems have embraced internet connection. And given that many web-related services have reported troubles with cyber attacks in recent years, it makes sense for security operators to come up with best practices for surveillance camera systems. Not only that, security staff should also think about applying certain practices to physical security for better overall protection.



Keep Up to Date on Cyber Security News


To be very specific: both the good and the bad news. Paying attention to the good news gives new ideas on how to make security better. On the other hand, listening to the bad news helps address security concerns as early as possible.



Security systems cannot afford to be plagued by cyber security attacks. While it is increasingly getting tough to defend internet-dependent systems, security staff should really make an effort.



Update Passwords Frequently


Decide on a time frame for change. Is once a week too much? Is it more convenient to update passwords once a month? What if password updates were made every quarter? These are the questions you need to ask to determine how often passwords should be changed.



Passwords should also be strong. It should be made up of a string of characters that are not easy to guess. As convenient as it is to use simple, easy-to-remember words as a password, a strong one can protect surveillance camera systems better. It will take time to set up, but it will all be worth it.



Keep Operating Systems Up to Date


Security camera systems will have an operating system and it will be susceptible to vulnerabilities, be it a Windows-, Linux-, or Mac-based system. As such, staff should be diligent in making sure security patches are installed once they are available.



Encrypt Videos


It’s always best for videos to be encrypted, whether they are in transit or stored on a disk. Doing so limits privacy risks.



Keep Security Equipment Safe


The online threats are stressful enough to think about, but you shouldn’t forget about the physical threats as well. It makes sense to keep cameras and other associated equipment in an area where it can be secured. Access to the area or room where security equipment are stored should be restricted to authorized personnel only.



Make Sure to Update Supporting Software


Aside from updating operating systems with security patches, it also helps to keep all supporting software up to date. After all, they could also serve as entry points for attacks if they carry vulnerabilities. While you can always check if there are updates, you can also make calls to the vendor in case news breaks of new cyber attacks.



The increasing amount of cyber security concerns could leave surveillance camera systems vulnerable. It would be detrimental for an organization to have security systems break down. This is why having a surveillance system shouldn’t just stop at installation – it’s a process that involves hardware, software, and physical protection as well.



Implementing – and updating – best practices for surveillance and security ensures that troubles are kept at a minimum.


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Benefits to School District Surveillance Systems

Students should feel safe in school. It’s a place where they make and meet friends, and is a place for learning. However, the violence that has happened on campus over the years has brought to question the safety and security of schools. And in response, School district surveillance should be looked into and implemented around the country.



Is enough being done to ensure that children are being protected while at school? Installing a system of security cameras is one of the more important tools in safeguarding children while on campus. Having such a system can aid towards not only identifying potential issues, but also finding quick resolution.



The need to put up school security cameras shouldn’t just be the responsibility of individual schools. School district surveillance systems provide a better way of dealing with challenges such as violence or vandalism.



Benefits of School District Surveillance Systems


Sharing resources is always better than working in isolation. A proactive response to any situation greatly increases the chances of resolution. It also allows problem solving even without the need for police intervention. For instance, students caught smoking in a non-smoking area can be warned off through audio speaker, rather than having authorities come over to ask them to leave.



It’s not just in policing misdeeds that make school district surveillance systems useful, they are also helpful in monitoring visitors. It’s not just students that can roam a school campus – visitors are welcome as well. With security cameras installed at entrance doors, staff have a much better way of making sure visitors have been properly signed in.



School surveillance systems can also be configured to fit particular needs. This is important because security officers are often in varying places, and it helps to have a flexible system that permits that to happen.



Schools also deal with issues like vandalism. With school surveillance cameras placed in conspicuous places, the chances of such acts being committed can be greatly reduced. Many students also face harassment and having cameras in many areas helps keep them safe because authorities can address the issue at the first sign of trouble.



Public areas such as cafeterias and sports fields can also benefit from having security cameras installed. These are areas that receive a high amount of traffic, and it helps to have others watching over what’s unfolding. However, there are certain laws that govern when and where surveillance systems can be installed so it’s still best to check with the school board.



Areas that Benefit from School District Surveillance Systems


Main entrances benefit from having cameras installed because these serve as entry points and it always helps to know who has entered campus. Putting up cameras near exits also helps since they could also be potential areas where trouble may take place.



Cameras aren’t just useful for monitoring people. They can be used to protect valuables such as books and computers.



Parking areas can also benefit from having surveillance systems as it protects students and staff members as they arrive and leave the campus. Knowing that there is someone watching can also discourage break-ins and vandalism.



Students should feel safe while they are in school. And knowing that there are security cameras in many areas across campus lets them know that their school cares about their safety.


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public video surveillance

Ways In Which A Public Video Surveillance System Helps Law Enforcement And Keeps Citizens Safe

Needless to say, a public video surveillance system can provide invaluable security for businesses and communities. These systems are able to deter people with criminal intent as their crimes can be recorded and be viewed by law enforcement.


This will enable a municipality or business owner to view who has committed a crime. It might also be possible to capture license plate numbers or faces, which can many be invaluable during a criminal investigation.


For instance, a public video surveillance system will help in the monitoring of streets, federal buildings, and subway stations, among other locations. In fact, the police would use face recognition technology in order to facilitate the searching of known fugitives at certain events.



The use of a public video surveillance system has several advantages, which include the following.

  • Improvement of public safety
  • Reduction in crime rate
  • Help identify criminals
  • Provides evidence and gather clues
  • Improve convenience for everyday life


Moreover, a public video surveillance system improves the quality of life of the citizens to achieve the goal of peace and order in a municipality or city. This is, in fact, very beneficial because citizens want to feel confident about their safety whether they’re out in their community or inside their homes.



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unified video surveillance

Benefits to Utilizing Unified Video Surveillance

The application of unified video surveillance has been utilized in many areas in the public and private sectors of society. But there are those not aware that a unified video surveillance system has many benefits such as the following.

  • Preservation of the existing analog investment by the combination of analog cameras and DVRs with high definition IP cameras and NVRs.


Unified Video Surveillance

Many companies may have considered the replacement or supplement of existing analog-based products. But implementing a unified video surveillance system into an existing setup can be a perfect solution for them. This is because it can give them a single interface in viewing live images from both IP and analog cameras, as they manage live or recorded video from NVRs and DVRs. This can also give them added capability in managing other security applications, including access control, fire, and intrusion in just one unified system.

  • Expansion of the unified video surveillance operations in an easy and cost-effective manner as your needs improve.


The transition to a unified video management platform has several easy benefits. Such would include the integration of existing analog cameras, NVRs, and DVRs that would fit within your timeline and budget. This can also better leverage your company’s legacy equipment and get the most value in the centralization of your video surveillance operations. This will also improve video surveillance operations as you deploy IP cameras, video analytics, and automatic alerts, among other functionalities.

  • Benefit from the advanced features of IP video recorders and HD cameras in areas of interest in order to improve image quality as well as situational awareness.


Analog vs. IP-based Systems

It might be obvious to see the difference between analog systems and IP-based systems. This means that IP-based systems have higher pixel density and better picture quality. It is very beneficial to have a video surveillance system to see exactly what is happening at a particular place and time. However, traditional analog cameras are useful in the security world, which now compete with high resolution IP cameras.


The implementation of unified video surveillance can benefit store managers, who are responsible for chain stores. This is because they can monitor each store remotely for any suspicious behavior from just about anywhere through a network connection.


Both live and recorded videos will be available for viewing any time, which reduces the need for specialists for the monitoring of shoppers in each store. Unified video surveillance also enables rapid evaluation and recognition of crime or emergency so that the appropriate agencies can respond rapidly.


Store owners can also take the alarm from the pedestal and the camera will immediately send an image or clip anywhere through email. Thus, clear face shots of potential criminals for evaluation and redistribution to several other locations.


HD IP Cameras

In addition, a unified video surveillance system uses HD IP cameras to detect faces dynamically and increase the bit rate or the clarity surrounding these faces in real-time. In other words, it can operate at a network-friendly level, as it delivers crystal-clear facial images in an instant.


Overall, the implementation of a unified video surveillance system should also have several other advantages.

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Higher security and resilience


Remote security done through a secure link should enable service teams to assess and review system performance from their own operating base.


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automated camera response

How Surveillance Works Best And What Automated Camera Response Brings To The Table

Surveillance networks are advantageous in many home, office, business, or public settings. With the invention of automated camera response from Leverage Detect, surveillance systems have gotten much better as well. If you are using a surveillance camera system, you are likely using a digital video recorder (DVR) as well.


This is because a DVR system can store recorded security footage using software, storage units, and computers incorporated into a single unit. DVRs are capable of accepting video feeds and convert them into digital outputs. In fact, they can store footage for hours, with the use of motion detection to begin the recording.


Multiple Locations

However, traditional video recording devices might not be enough to cater to the needs of multiple locations. In fact, it can be very tedious to patch together incidents that can be done only via a single detection system.


The use of automated camera response setup for surveillance systems has been proven to give more benefits than the regular surveillance systems. This is because a specific device is needed for detection and response for a surveillance system.


Detection and response devices would be used or if they are provided by the surveillance system that you purchased. This includes peer-to-peer surveillance architecture, which would use one or more defined geo-spaces.


Traditional Surveillance Systems

In comparison to ordinary video surveillance systems, Leverage Detect’s automated camera response systems use an advanced monitoring setup as it utilizes more than one defined geo-space. So if an event occurs in a particular location, a predefined response will then be provided.


When a predefined response is applied, it may automatically target one or more cameras to areas relevant to that particular geo-location. It will also present one or more predefined views as optimized to view the event.


In addition, an automated camera response will be able to provide one or more default responses, whenever an event will happen within the specified geo-location.


Essentially if an organization has an onsite security force to provide security monitoring, then a camera system can be utilized in order to enhance their capabilities. So, only one security offer can sit inside a control room to monitor the activities of the whole facility using the video system. They can also take advantage of other systems such as motion detection and access control systems, which can really improve what a single surveillance crew can see.


Automated Camera Response

If your business has several locations, then you need to have an idea of what is going on in a particular branch. With automated camera response all you have to do is monitor it from a single location.


With this system you can monitor activities in multiple locations with ease. Moreover, it can help in providing necessary information to the responsible agencies. So, if there might be a case of theft or burglary, it can tap the local police force to take action on an ongoing activity. Likewise, if it is a case of emergencies, it could respond by informing local authorities about an ongoing emergency situation in the area.


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city wide surveillance

City Wide Surveillance: A Necessity to Ensuring Community Safety

A community is an important unit in society. It allows groups of people to come together with specific goals in mind. There are academic communities where knowledge flows freely or artistic ones formed to collectively practice a specific art form. It’s important to keep these communities as safe as possible, one way of doing that is with city wide surveillance.


But perhaps the most common (and prevalent example) of a community is residential. You may think these are just suburban neighborhoods but it’s so much more than that. It can extend to the business district and its establishments as well as other public areas where people converge. That said, the cities and towns we live in are effectively residential communities.


Community Safety

One of the most desirable traits of any community is citizen safety. To ensure this, local law enforcement agencies employ techniques such as city wide surveillance. These are systems that make use of cameras strategically placed in public areas, with images fed through closed circuit television (CCTV) to keep a watchful eye on townspeople going about their day.


Some people may consider city wide surveillance as an invasion of privacy. However, this form of technology has helped police officers and emergency response teams to locate people in distress or catch perpetrators of crime. Traffic enforcers have also found that cameras are handy when unruly drivers break a host of traffic laws.



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law enforcement video surveillance

The Value of Law Enforcement Video Surveillance

Compared to the early years of law enforcement, today’s police officers are far more sophisticated. A big reason for this is the evolution of technology law enforcement agencies use to track down and apprehend offenders of the law. Advances in technology have modernized how standard police procedures are done. One example would be in law enforcement video surveillance.


Now video surveillance itself is nothing new. In fact, it has been around for nearly a century.


Let’s have a quick look at how this technology has evolved and how law enforcement video surveillance is keeping our streets safer.


Video Surveillance: A History

The origin of this can be traced back to 1942. Closed circuit television was used in Germany’s space station to view the launch of v2 rockets.


Below is a timeline of other relevant events in relation to the evolution of video surveillance.


1947 – Commercial video surveillance applications began in the United States.

1957 – A number of companies including General Precision Labs provided CCTV cameras for medical and industrial applications. These cameras supported greyscale video. Color video would be introduced in the same decade.

1970 – The introduction of the videocassette recorder (VCR) made video surveillance even more popular.

1996 – Axis introduced the first IP camera. Instead of a coaxial cable, it used the Ethernet network for communication enabling video signals to be sent as digital encoded signals instead of analog signals.

2003 – Major companies like Sony and Panasonic adopt surveillance and IP technology.

2007 – They were able to make IP cameras of their own.

2015 – High resolution 4k cameras were introduced.


How Digital Video Surveillance is Serving Law Enforcement

As mentioned above, video surveillance can either be analog or digital. But in keeping with the prevalent technology, let’s focus on digital video surveillance.


Techopedia defines digital video as “capable of capturing images and videos that can be compressed, stored or sent over communication networks.” Surveillance is a system that is done primarily through a closed circuit television system (CCTV and surveillance are often used interchangeably). Modern times calls for digital video surveillance that is sophisticated enough for law enforcement.


While stake outs are still an integral part of identifying a suspected criminal, it has become safer, thanks to surveillance technology. For one, police on the field don’t necessarily have to be within view of a person of interest’s home or workplace. They can follow a target’s movements through law enforcement video surveillance.


Another benefit of using such technology is that it deters criminals from harming both life and property. The possibility of being watched can dissuade potential criminals from doing things that can land a person in jail.


Law Enforcement Video Surveillance

Finally, law enforcement video surveillance is used to help solve crimes. Footage from CCTV cameras can be used to look for clues to determine the perpetrator or obtain evidence that can be used to indict him or her in a court of law.


If you are in need of surveillance solutions for your organization we at Leverage Detect can offer something to satisfy any and all of your technical requirements. Click here to view our full range of products and services.


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municipal video surveillance

Positive Impact of Municipal Video Surveillance

It is common to have security cameras installed within a place of business, but what happens outside matters too. Public safety should be a top priority for the municipal sector as it is essential in helping a community thrive. Thus municipal video surveillance should be considered in most all municipalities, below we’ll get into the why.


Cities and towns are expanding at rapid rates, making municipal video surveillance extremely important. Communities rely on consumers and visitors to visit shops and restaurants in order to thrive. Knowing a place is safe and secure is a major selling point, and as such, it makes sense for municipalities to have surveillance cameras in public areas.


Having a municipal video surveillance system can have a positive impact on the community. Here’s how:


It Encourages the Growth of Business


The number of customers who will flock to an area with lots of shops and restaurants will increase if they know the place is safe. Having surveillance cameras installed along the streets can help customers feel at ease. And when more people come, local revenue is expected to increase. In addition, it might even encourage other businesses to set up shop in the area.


It Reduces the Crime Rate


There are times when no one is apprehended for a crime that has been committed because the evidence is scant or inconclusive. Video that is clear and of high quality is a tool that can be used to apprehend suspects who commit a violation, be it vandalizing store fronts or engaging in illegal activities.


It Improves Public Areas


No one should be scared to go out in their own neighborhood. Crimes can happen at any time of the day, but many usually fear the night. Residents, visitors, business owners and their employees should all feel safe in any neighborhood.


Parks and public squares have been used for ages to meet friends and acquaintances, and anyone who visits such venues should not fear for their life. Installing municipal video surveillance systems in such areas can help allay some of those fears knowing someone is looking out for them.


It Enhances Business and Government Relations


It is important for everyone living in one community to get along. Businesses and the government need to support each other in order to ensure that a community thrives. And one of the issues both entities should be fully committed to is security. Without it, chances of success can be very slim. Each must work with each other in order to ensure that residents and visitors are all well protected.


It Encourages Sharing of Video Resources


Effective and efficient – those are the hallmarks of a good municipal surveillance system. Law enforcement agencies and others concerned with public safety all benefit when resources are shared. Critical information that needs to be passed on should be available at the earliest possible time to ensure resolution to any case.


It should be the goal of every municipality to foster a safe environment for residents and visitors. Crime statistics have an effect on the confidence of citizens and seeing a low crime rate has a positive impact. Installing a municipal video surveillance system can create a safer community for all.


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school surveillance systems

Property Crime Prevention

Property damage and property crime at schools and public areas have become alarming in recent years. School surveillance systems have proven to be a main deterrent against wrongdoings and criminal acts before they can occur.


Better Security Systems

The greater availability and advancements in technology have enabled the development of better security systems. In fact, there is a growing need for these systems against crime prevention all over the country.

As proven to be effective in the areas of business, residential, and school premises, millions of people all over the world have taken to adding surveillance systems as an active deterrent to crime.


School Surveillance Systems

The proliferation of school surveillance systems have made it easier for law enforcement personnel to deter crime and aid in their investigation against those who were caught in the act. Moreover, it will be easier to prevent property crimes because Leverage Detect’s surveillance systems can detect any person or animal entering a restricted area or any movement in the surroundings, and even send a warning sound to alert nearby residents.


Property Crime Prevention

School surveillance systems can also be a great tool to keep students, and parents, aware that somebody is always looking after them. With a unified surveillance system, first responders will be able to coordinate with school officials to better handle emergencies should they arise during school hours. A unified system will also be effective in deterring property crimes, to the school itself, after school hours.


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