How Proactive Response Helps with Public Safety

No one wants to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. And no one wants visitors to feel uneasy when visiting an area they are not familiar with. Talk spreads fast about the security of a particular location, and negative reactions aren’t helped by reports of crime and other dangerous acts occurring in certain places. Public … Read more

Leverage Champions a Unified Surveillance System for Public Safety

  Resource sharing improves first responders’ decision making and keeps communities safe   Riverside, California (US): Leverage Information Systems, a provider of high-quality networking solutions, encourages unified surveillance systems for the better protection of communities. The sharing of resources such as municipal cameras, traffic cameras, and even private cameras helps towards building a better public … Read more

Best Practices for Surveillance and Security

Security camera systems have embraced internet connection. And given that many web-related services have reported troubles with cyber attacks in recent years, it makes sense for security operators to come up with best practices for surveillance camera systems. Not only that, security staff should also think about applying certain practices to physical security for better … Read more

Benefits to School District Surveillance Systems

Students should feel safe in school. It’s a place where they make and meet friends, and is a place for learning. However, the violence that has happened on campus over the years has brought to question the safety and security of schools. And in response, School district surveillance should be looked into and implemented around … Read more

Leverage Information Systems Completes Surveillance Upgrade for Inglewood

Leverage Information Systems recently completed a surveillance system upgrade for the City of Inglewood.  Having partnered with Leverage Information Systems to provide their city-wide surveillance solution, the City of Inglewood engaged Leverage to complete the upgrade of equipment in and around the police facility.  The upgrade included new cameras for the jail facility as well … Read more