City of Cypress Selects Leverage to Upgrade Their Surveillance Solution

The City of Cypress, California has an old legacy surveillance system that was installed back in 2011.  The system is still functional but was difficult to use and was not meeting the needs of the city.  Leverage Information Systems was selected to replace the old legacy system and transfer the stored data to the new Detect Surveillance platform.  Leverage Information Systems has significant experience when it comes to transferring data from somewhat proprietary formats.  Leverage has its own team of in house software developers and engineers ready and willing to take on this kind of challenge.

City of Inglewood Continues to Expand Citywide Surveillance Using Leverage Information Systems

The City of Inglewood is getting ready for the new NFL Stadium which is planning on opening in 2020.  In anticipation of the stadium going live and the tens of thousands that will be there, Inglewood continues to build out their citywide surveillance system.  New cameras are being installed in and around the stadium as well as many of the intersections leading to this new venue.

Leverage Information Systems has been the vendor of choice for Inglewood when it comes to surveillance needs.  Leverage has provided surveillance solutions for Inglewood since 2014 and continue to bring them some of the most advanced technology available on today’s market.