How Cameras Become Mission Essential

When considering the acquisition and deployment of a municipal surveillance system, the core question needs to be, “Has the need for reliable delivery of live and recorded surveillance video become essential for keeping my community safe?” In most cases, the answer is yes. In the YouTube age, when seeing is believing and video evidence reigns … Read more

Is Your Community as Safe as Possible?

A good surveillance system is, at its core, about keeping communities safe: citizens, schools, officers, and buildings and public spaces. These are all important components of a healthy community environment, but it’s crucial to implement a model of proactive response — that means understanding the situation and reacting in the best and quickest way, the … Read more

How Technology Can Help Keep Your Community Safe

Improving the quality of life of every citizen is a universal goal of city officials and employees. Citizens want and deserve to feel confident about their safety, both inside their homes and out in their community. Public perception of a city’s crime statistics and response can either bolster or erode the public’s confidence in their … Read more

How to Get Started with Comprehensive Video Surveillance

Developing a surveillance plan, organizing assets, and deploying an effective system requires preparation and planning. The Leverage DETECT team are experts in designing the best system to meet your requirements. We work with you from the very beginning concept stage through deployment. And, we’re here to support you after setup, for the full life cycle … Read more