Company History

Leverage Information Systems got its start in 1984, implementing analog phone systems and voice structured cabling systems for local agencies and businesses in the Seattle area. Back then we operated under the name Communication Specialists (CSI).

By 1993, CSI had grown tremendously and had added data networking solutions to the lineup card. We also established a sister company, Federal Network Services (FNS), dedicated to supporting federal customers throughout the United States.

In 2005, FNS initiated a municipal surveillance practice in Southern California and over the following years deployed many of the region’s first successful municipal video surveillance systems.

In 2007 CSI and FNS formally combined operations to become Leverage Information Systems. Since then, LEVERAGE has experienced tremendous success and has become a national full-service integrator of technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, serving the diverse business needs of large public and private organizations across America. Integrating hybrid IT products and services from top-tier technology companies, DETECT solutions are installed, configured and supported by our industry certified teams of highly dedicated engineers.

LEVERAGE’s 2015 ‘Peer-to-Peer Surveillance Architecture’ patent formally defined the parameters we use to meet Municipal Surveillance requirements, while the 2016 patent for a ‘Connection Node Providing Supplemental Bandwidth for Mobile Units’ was developed to provide real-time video information awareness from anywhere within a municipality during the crucial moments of critical incidents.

DETECT applications enable true real-time situational awareness and real-time response in dozens of communities, and provide the foundation for successful municipal-wide IP surveillance systems.

DETECT VMS, SSM, NVR and SMART are the applications developed by the DETECT team at Leverage Information Systems to deliver the high-quality video and audio essential for municipal surveillance.

DETECT continues to contribute to LEVERAGE’s support of enterprising government leaders who are embracing the benefits of digitizing their infrastructures and analyzing and optimizing data and services. These improvements are proven to drive job creation and growth, improve government efficiency, assure security, and prioritize positive citizen experiences.