Mission Essential Surveillance

Leverage DETECT is an industry and technology leader for highly-scalable, comprehensive video surveillance systems. We are a strategic partner for dozens of cities, police departments, and agencies, enabling the security and proactive response that have become essential components of our partner’s safety programs.

Ask us about VSaaS Leasing Options

With DETECT’s new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), any government, agency, or school can afford some of the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technology available by making a simple monthly payment. With this service, the city has no capital investment, and the equipment is routinely serviced and maintained by DETECT’s highly trained and experienced technicians.

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A Proactive and Collaborative Video Surveillance System

Keeps first responders and communities safe.

A comprehensive surveillance system with proactive response improves citizen safety. Keeping it up to date and operational is what the DETECT team ensures. A comprehensive surveillance system can be effective and efficient through the sharing of assets. All city departments, schools, and businesses can play a role to improve citizen and student safety.

Surveillance Beyond Borders

Ensuring citizen safety and quality of life for a municipality can and should involve all relevant stakeholders: city departments, police departments, school facilities, and shopping districts can all join together to form a unified, scalable system to the benefit of all.

It starts with a vision that is brought to life through the connective capabilities of our patented peer-to-peer architecture.

Surveillance Beyond Borders

DETECT in Action

The proof is on video.

Watch some real-world examples of how DETECT made a difference to the communities that trust us with their security.

About Leverage DETECT

The DETECT team will deliver the high-quality video and audio essential for effective surveillance. Our tools enable actual real-time situational awareness, automated camera response, and unparalleled system health monitoring.

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