Interview Room

The Interview Room feature of DETECT VSS incorporates cameras from an interrogation room and integrates them within the overall surveillance system. Users can log in to view an interview in real time, and add notes or comments in real-time, which become a permanent record within the interview incident and can be exported along with the audio and video in a forensically-secure package.


Built By The People That Use It

Public safety professionals requested this feature for DETECT VSS, and assisted in the development of an Interview Room video and audio system, so it meets the needs of the people who use it.


Interview Room is available system wide, although access to specific cameras or interviews can be controlled and limited through an extensive permissions process. Those with permission can conduct or participate an interview, and interact with the Interview Room facilitator in real-time through notes.

Incident Library

Once completed, the interview video and audio will be watermarked and transferred to a permanent storage location. The System Administrator can establish permissions for access to the Incident Library. Multiple Incident Libraries can be created to support the needs of all users.


The Incident Library is a protected location for Interviews to reside; however, there may be a need to provide access to those that are not system users or part of the municipal wide system, or simply may not have access to the Incident Library. When a completed Interview is saved to the Incident Library, it is watermarked to ensure no tampering can take place after the fact. When the Incident is later viewed, the watermark is validated by the Detect VSS, proving the validity of the recording and associated notes.

Sharing via Removeable Media

When any Interview or Incident is transferred to removable media, it is packaged with the DETECT VMS Viewer, which verifies the watermark and validates the integrity of the recording.  Depending on security or privacy requirements, there are a number of transfer options available, including audio only, with or without notes, or as an MP4 video that is compatible with most media players.

See How It Works

Watch a video about using the Interview Room feature of Detect VMS.