Jail Video Surveillance System

The critical nature of Jail Surveillance Video and Audio means a simple camera system probably isn’t going to meet the rigid compliance and regulatory mandates in place to protect detainees and the staff that guard them.

For this sensitive deployment, only a comprehensive system with 24/7 operability will work. DETECT has demonstrated expertise in deployments for correctional facilities, and we know what is needed. Ask us for a referral and learn why we’ve earned the trust of law enforcement agencies across Southern California.


Recording Jail Video and Audio

Along with Jail Interview Room video and audio, these are the most critical systems to ensure are always operational and meeting objectives. The long retention periods juxtaposed with consistent operation of recording equipment requires a well-conceived and deployed system.  It is not simply IT hardware, but a system design that will withstand the inherent nature of such a demanding task.

Meeting the Mandated Retention Requirement

Long retention period will dramatically impact the amount of storage required. DETECT SMART proactively determines storage needs from the time of deployment and continues to do. A Jail Video System is dynamic, and the data storage consumption needs of cameras change over time. Because we keep an eye on things, you’ll never have to worry about being caught without critical video.

Ensuring System Integrity

Authenticating system users and controlling access is a primary concern for jail system video and audio along with integrity of stored information. The DETECT system is proven to ensure the integrity of Jail Surveillance information by authentication of system users and surveillance information. Our extensively secure watermarking procedure ensures the validity and authenticity of incident resources, so they are forensically secure at all times.

Rapid Support

It is common for us to detect issues such as gaps in video or a rogue camera. DETECT SMART continuously monitors system operation providing feedback to our support team. Because we’re local, anything we can’t repair virtually can be addressed right away.

Proof of Recording

The DETECT system documents and reports camera up/down time via a daily report, or a real-time request. On more than one occasion this information has assisted police departments during record requests.

Not a Proprietary System

You’re not locked in to a sealed ecosystem. All of our software is Windows based and employs a standard video format. Recorded video can be exported and viewed with most players; however, a watermark is applied to provide a validation if required.

Interview Rooms

The Interview Room feature of DETECT VSS incorporates cameras from an interrogation room and integrates them within the overall surveillance system. Users can log in to view an interview in real time, and add notes or comments in real-time, which become a permanent record within the interview incident and can be exported along with the audio and video in a forensically-secure package.

Incident Room capability can be served as a standalone installation, or as an extension of a larger surveillance system.