DETECT in Action

Audio Intervention

Graffiti Abatement

Foot Pursuit



Intervention in Park

Illegal Dumping

Suspect Tracked

Robbery in Progress

DUI Arrest

Active Shooter

Illegal Use of Drugs

Proactive Response

Dispatch Acceptance

First Incident: DUI Arrest

Second Incident: Robbery

Dispatchers Get Involved

These initial successes won over dispatcher and patrol officers.  Soon the first response from a patrol officer was “Do you have eyes on scene”.

Not all surveillance systems are capable of real-time response, so when Chief Bueermann requested that we install an audio loudspeaker as a pilot project in a downtown park we knew that not only would the technology work, but it would make an impact.  Real-time response requires minimal system latency for delivery of video, PTZ (camera movement), and audio to be heard in real time.  Empirical testing in Redlands suggests that approximately ½ second of latency is acceptable, more than 1 second of latency proved inadequate.

The results thus far were achieved from a small pilot project!  Next an expansion project covered a large portion of downtown.  The successes kept flowing, but moving beyond downtown became difficult without expanding the network.  The answer was reaching out to the Redlands Unified School District and striking an agreement that not only allowed the PD access to school district cameras, but allowed expansion to remote venues.  Sharing of network resources with the School District proved challenging, but extremely rewarding.


Who else is using it?