Police Department

Officer Safety

Video surveillance provides additional officer safety because strategically positioned cameras in troubled areas allow for 24/7 observation of these areas prior to an officer’s response.  Potential dangers are identified prior to any engagement, and the right response can happen every time.

Proactive Response

We believe a proactive response is the best line of defense. Audio intervention capability allows an operator to diffuse a situation before it requires officer response. Pre-programmed camera actions allow for an immediate incident record to begin at the first trigger of an alarm, which means cameras automatically point to the problem and give responders both a heads up and a forensic record.

Crime Solving

Video surveillance systems run 24/7 under all conditions and environments, creating a video record of everything that happens in a particular area.  When criminal activity is discovered, officers can review recorded video to determine what happened and identify the culprits responsible.

DETECT in Action

Real-Time Foot Pursuit

Back Alley Drug Arrest

DUI Arrest

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Video Surveillance as a Service

With DETECT’s new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), a municipal government can afford some of the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technology available by making a simple monthly payment.  With this service, the city has no capital investment, and the equipment is routinely serviced and maintained by DETECT’s highly trained and experienced technicians.