The DETECT Surveillance Model

DETECT VMS connects all the hardware, cameras, and viewing stations into one powerful application. Users at any station use our software to view and control any camera directly, so video is delivered in real time.

The components are dynamic, but the process is defined

Municipal Surveillance systems are as unique as are municipalities. These systems are complex and require experience, techniques, and proper components – and what we used is determined by a strategic plan that includes all stakeholders and consideration of future requirements.


Concept    The Leverage team starts by assessing resources and gathering requirements, and together we form a Video Surveillance System Information Technology collaboration group.

Download CHOOSING A TECHNOLOGY PARTNER from Law Officer Magazine for the criteria you need be aware of.


Design    Mission-essential operation requires a design that is SMART:

  • Specifically designed to meet current and long-term goals
  • Measurable – able to report its own operational and health status
  • Attainable through readily available technology
  • Results driven with the goal of exceeding expectations
  • Test of time – proven track record

Deploy    The rubber meets the road! Concepts are defined, the design is complete, and now it comes down to making it a reality. DETECT deployments are strategically managed via a predefined iterative process that we’ve honed for years. Our team consists of expert technicians that are careful, thorough, and efficient.

Sustain    A dependable surveillance demands high uptime and extreme reliability. That’s where our proactive system health monitoring comes into play. The system self-reports, and any problems can be addressed before they become major system defects.

Download DETECT SMART PDF Brochure

Support     The experience, process management, and software tools our team brings to the table ensures preventative measures are taken to ensure continuous operation. If issues pop up, so does our support team. We are able to quickly assess and resolve problems with our remote and onsite support capabilities. Your team is local.

Scale     Many of our engagements are multiple deployments spanning many years. Scaling municipal surveillance systems can be a complex task, but because we plan for expansion from the beginning, there aren’t any surprises. From the scalable peer-to-peer architecture to configuration management software tools and experience, we can expand the capabilities of your municipal surveillance system while maintaining its mission essential status.

What Makes DETECT Different?


Our patented Peer-to-Peer Architecture, which provides such quick video relay speeds, we can advertise them as near real time. It works by decentralizing the Video Management System and allowing for any viewing device to access any broadcasting device, without going through a server in the middle the way the old-style Client/Server Architecture models work.


Invented here in Riverside, CA! Leverage more than 15 years of experience designing and deploying mission essential IP Surveillance Systems. The unique nature of large-scale IP Surveillance Systems requires an architecture that delivers high-reliability and low-latency, both of which are reflected in our “Peer-to-Peer Surveillance Architecture” method patent.

Less Complexity

Because we work from our Peer-to-Peer Surveillance Network Architecture patent, there are simply fewer resources that need to connect. Fewer assets reduces complexity and costs, and increases reliability. Win win!

Near-Zero Latency

Peer-to-Peer Architecture means that the components of the system—cameras, sensors, and viewing stations—communicate directly with one another. By cutting out the servers in the middle of the process, cameras can be viewed live and controlled with virtually zero latency.

Maximize Assets

The DETECT Surveillance model, like any other surveillance package, is comprised of essentially three major parts: cameras and sensors to collect data, a way to get that data to the viewer, and video management software and hardware.

Unlimited Scalability

IP Video Surveillance provides a fundamental change to address the shortcomings of independently deployed video surveillance. With the proper planning of network infrastructure and management abilities in place to ensure reliable operation it is possible to provide “Mission Essential” video surveillance services to any or all factions of your organization. The proper implementation will unify assets, and thereby reduce cost, optimize processes, and improve services for everyone.
Add assets when you need them or when budgets allow, seamlessly.

Health Monitoring

DETECT keeps a finger on the pulse of a complex surveillance system. Built-in health status tools assure that system and component health status is available and broadcast regularly. Daily email alerts, in-software status requests, and live asset feedback all work together to provide a comprehensive view of the viability of the entire system.


Many companies can deploy a handful of cameras around a building. Networking is simple, and cameras can be plug-and-play. It’s only when surveillance becomes “Mission Essential” that our high level of knowledge and expertise becomes so valuable. Talk to our clients, check us out.

Track Record

DETECT has been delivering large-scale surveillance installations for over a decade, to dozens of cities, police departments, school districts, and public utilities. Our track record proves that agencies that select DETECT to design and implement camera systems achieve almost instant success and continue integrating surveillance into daily workflows. The systems remain intact and healthy, and become an indispensable part of day-to-day operations.

We Make It Easy

Service makes all the difference. We are committed to getting the system design and priorities right, keeping your system healthy and viable, and maximizing your ROI. Most importantly, we’re committed to our customers. Your mission becomes our mission. Our success is dependent on your success for the full lifecycle of your surveillance system.

Download this brochure on Getting Started with DETECT.