Traffic Management Process Improvements

Pedestrian and vehicle congestion affect traffic flow, especially during special events or emergencies.  While car counting and similar tools help traffic managers, forensic video at intersections and main thoroughfares will help you with day-to-day monitoring as well as corrective action plans.

Public Safety Deployment

Traffic accidents happen. Large protests in city streets can occur quickly without any notice.  Directing public safety officers to these areas require surveillance assets in major corridors and intersections, to effectively employ your response plan and keep officers safe.

Liability Resolution

Traffic collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians can result in liability exposure. Often both public safety and non-public safety can assist with frequent observations in areas of concerns throughout a municipality.

DETECT in Action

Extreme Angle Intersection Cameras


Cost Recovery

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Video Surveillance as a Service

With DETECT’s new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), a municipal government can afford some of the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technology available by making a simple monthly payment.  With this service, the city has no capital investment, and the equipment is routinely serviced and maintained by DETECT’s highly trained and experienced technicians.