System Documentation

System Documentation

DETECT’s Network Node View provides comprehensive documentation and reporting for the entire system including their physical, network, and performance attributes.

  • Administrators can view every asset in the system, how they’re connected, and if they’re functional.

The time-saving features of using Network Node View for maintenance include:

  • All Network Nodes GPS Location
  • Network Node Health
  • Connectivity to other Network Nodes
  • Network Node Performance
  • Stored Images
  • Network Node P/N, S/N, and other specifications
  • EXPORT information to:
    • Google Earth™
    • CSV

DETECT SMART (System Monitoring And Reporting Technology) is the optimal tool to keep it running smoothly as demands ranging from scaling of the system, component degradation and failures, and end-user activity create an ever changing environment.

Municipal surveillance systems not only provide valuable forensic information, but the real-time visual awareness that can be critical for first responders. DETECT SMART assures the readiness of a Detect Municipal Surveillance system to meet these challenges.

DETECT SMART collects, calculates, stores, and reports critical health status information from devices comprising a Video Surveillance System.