Public Safety Professional

Improving quality of life is an overarching goal of everyone who chose a career in public safety. Citizens want to feel confident about their security, both inside their homes and while out in their community. Depending on the numbers, the city’s crime statistics can either bolster or erode citizen’s confidence and therefore, their quality of life.

A DETECT Video Surveillance System is often used in parks, schools, and public areas to dramatically decrease crime rates and foster a safer environment.

Officer Safety     Video surveillance adds another layer to officer safety, especially when deployed in the most troubled areas of the jurisdiction. Surveillance cameras are at work 24/7 providing high-definition video of everything within the camera’s field of view.  This provides keen insight and details that, when shared with responding officers, grants a level of situational understanding that leave them much better equipped to handle the reported activity.

Force Multiplier     In many cases, a DETECT VSS Video Operator can resolve an incident without dispatching an officer. This saves a call for service, and frees up officers for more critical calls.

Situational Awareness     DETECT incorporates Leverage’s patented Peer-to-Peer IP Surveillance Architecture to provide real-time response providing instant awareness and creating a bond between video operator and responding officer.  Time and again we see this collaborative awareness produce the best possible outcome.

Nuisance Activity     Nuisance activity such as graffiti, loitering, and drinking in public can quickly drain the available resources of any municipality.  With a DETECT solution utilizing audio intervention, this kind of activity is quickly addressed as it occurs with a simple outbound audio message.  This informs the group or individual their actions are being observed and are in violation.  We have used this solution in many locations and have found the problem rapidly goes away.

Homelessness     Homeless encampments and groups pose a significant challenge to a municipality.  A well-designed surveillance solution provides a layer of security and safety for these areas.  The cameras watch for unwanted activity that can be rapidly addressed and corrected.  These cameras also encourage the criminal element to move beyond the range of the cameras and generally out of the area.

Community Involvement     Video surveillance has become common place both in the business world as well as the typical home environment.  A DETECT solution allows for the sharing of this resource with the local police department.  Business owners and homeowners would be able to share their recorded video when a critical incident occurs in their neighborhood.  This creates an environment of community cooperation and involvement benefitting both the municipality and the community at large.

Reduce Expenses     Law enforcement services are greatly enhanced as the cameras can provide insight into criminal activity before an officer responds.  This allows for better utilization of resources.  In the realm of nuisance crimes, the cameras detour the unwanted activity to the extent that it moves away from the area where cameras are deployed.  A well-designed surveillance solution can reduce the need for manpower when properly deployed and executed.

Rent Technology

With DETECT’s new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), a municipal government can afford some of the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technology available by making a simple monthly payment. With this service, there is no capital investment, and the equipment is routinely serviced and maintained by DETECT’s highly trained and experienced technicians.