Anytown, USA — and Surveillance Solutions that Scale

No matter what the size, most cities encounter similar challenges when keeping its’ citizens safe through municipal public safety efforts. It is important for cities to take advantage of all technological advancements that are designed to help law enforcement maximize their efforts, and a Public Safety Surveillance network is one tool. Establishing an advanced video surveillance network helps law enforcement officers and other first responders with real-time monitoring, situational awareness, and improved response time … key components to creating a safe community.


The Benefits of Municipal Surveillance

The most direct benefit of an advanced video surveillance solution is reduced crime where cameras are installed. Visible cameras have the immediate effect of deterring crimes, and as the reputation for criminals being caught grows, potential offenders either give up, or move on. New technological advancements in artificial intelligence help alert operators and field personnel of potential criminal behavior, as well as monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic in key areas of the city and alert for unexpected large gatherings of individuals in, for example, in downtown areas and city parks.

The secondary benefit to communities is a quality of life increase, in direct correlation with a decrease in criminal behavior.  Safer public areas including parks, recreation or gathering places tend to attract families. Additionally, lowering crime statistics is a selling point to attract professional talent to local employers. This feeling of safety & security is a basic one, and will increase residents’ confidence and productivity resulting in consumer spending.  A thriving local business community improves economic development. City growth and prosperity are linked to safety and security for both the business and resident community.

Small Towns or Big City

Cities, towns, and municipalities of all sizes can greatly benefit from public safety surveillance solutions when they are designed with long-term, scalable objectives which address all stakeholder concerns. Every municipality has a budget, and everyone needs to make the most of their funding. While large cities are known for more crime, small towns are not immune to both violent and nuisance violations. And something especially important to remember—every city, small or large, typically engages citywide safety solutions in phases. Often, they address downtown hot spots, public gathering areas, parks, or special events in order to get the most benefit in the shortest amount of time and gain public support.

Camera Coverage

Camera coverage is important for understanding an incident after the fact, and is a critical part of any surveillance design. Also, the more cameras, the better—it allows the police department to follow an entire incident from start to finish. Investigators can gather the data from multiple perspectives, and understand the facts. With a well-designed, unified surveillance solution, a city can tie traffic cameras, building cameras, and cameras from other agencies or school districts into a single system, improving the reach of all.

Smart surveillance solutions go beyond post-incident investigation—they alert responders to incidents in real time. Implementing automated camera actions and alarms, in addition to license plate solutions, creates a wide network of actionable intelligence that improves response and outcomes.

Components of Municipal Surveillance

Municipal surveillance systems include three major components: cameras and sensors to collect data, a way to get that data to the viewer, and video management software and hardware.

  • Video data collection—High-quality, reliable cameras and sensors are required to collect video data. The better the equipment, and the better it is suited to the environment and requirements, the better the video quality. This means a city can properly analyze the footage when needed.
  • Network—A network can be wired or wireless, or both, and it must be set up correctly to handle the immense data load. Even though cameras can be easy to mount and connect, the network has to support the video, especially if real-time live video viewing is desired.
  • VMS software and hardware—Once high-quality video is successfully received at the monitoring location, Detect Video Management System software will allow the quick and effective evaluation of video. With Detect, you can view live video or go back to review recorded footage. Export Incidents in a forensically secure way, and share them as needed throughout your city or organization.

Choosing the right municipal surveillance solution for your city’s unique requirements requires an experienced integrator. Our team has experience with cities, law enforcement agencies, school districts, and utilities—we are a technology partner you can rely on now, and in the future when you’re ready to scale up.

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