Leverage’s DETECT VMS Adds Intrusion Detection Capability

Leverage Information Systems announced today the integration of their Detect Video Management Software with Sightlogix thermal imaging cameras.  Sightlogix is a well respected manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and produces some of the highest quality devices known to the industry.  Sightlogix has also developed significant software tools built into the camera which enables them to discern various sizes and shapes.  This discernment allows the camera to accurately know the difference between an animal entering a protected zone and a human.  These smart features provide a wide variety of responses to a detected intrusion.

Leverage’s DETECT software is now able to communicate directly with Sightlogix cameras and can take advantage of all of the built in smart features that are part of each Sightlogix camera.  This ultimately enhances DETECT’s ability to react to intrusion events and respond appropriately.