Video Surveillance as a Service

Avoiding a Hostage Situation

Technology is a fact of modern day-to-day life. We have apps for everything under the sun that generate massive amounts of data. Technology has become so integral to our existence that it has, along with many other industries, naturally evolved toward a subscription model. Packages of expensive hardware and software are no longer the only way to obtain surveillance tech, and as an alternative, many customers choose to purchase a tech package as a service. The appeal of little or no capital investment expense and only a simple monthly fee is a welcome solution—especially for cash-strapped cities, police departments, and school districts.

When applied correctly and with clear expectations, these “X-as-a-Service” solutions can be beneficial to both the industry and the end user. As an example, Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) recently appeared in the marketplace and has become a popular and profitable commodity. The customer gets everything they need at an affordable price, and the vendor has a sustainable income flow — and is incentivized to support their customers in order to retain subscription revenue. These programs are generally up front and transparent, so both sides understand their obligations and expectations. Recently however, we have seen a new twist in this style of business where the vendor ends up holding all the cards, and the customer is left holding the bag.

Known disparagingly in the industry as “Hostage as a Service” (HaaS for short), this new provider model is tempting a distressing number of unsuspecting customers. After cameras are purchased, a subscription is required to use them – you have to pay to use your own hardware! The interface you pay for also only allows you to use cameras purchased from the subscription service, so even if you have other assets in your possession, you won’t be able to use them.

Your organization could find itself locked into a surveillance ecosystem that isn’t all it was supposed to be, and the large up-front investment is useless once the subscription license is no longer valid.

There are responsible, ethical, and cost-effective ways to utilize a subscription model. LEVERAGE has started a new VSaaS as a way for cities and schools to spin up a surveillance system, without the upfront costs that can kill an initiative before it gets off the ground. Our proven record of support means you can trust that we are partners in your security. In addition, with our VSaaS, you own your hardware — and it’s not irrevocably tied to the DETECT system. If you decide to halt your surveillance program or move in a different direction, your assets are yours to do with as you please.

If the higher up-front cost is what has your organization looking into subscription surveillance, ask about our new Lease-to-Own financing options for full, large-scale operations. It’s never been easier to afford a professional comprehensive surveillance solution.