How Technology Can Help Keep Your Community Safe

Improving the quality of life of every citizen is a universal goal of city officials and employees. Citizens want and deserve to feel confident about their safety, both inside their homes and out in their community. Public perception of a city’s crime statistics and response can either bolster or erode the public’s confidence in their elected officials and safety professionals. So, how do you choose a technology partner?

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A Safe Community is a Happy Community

A key measurement of the happiness of a society is access to safe public places that can be enjoyed by all citizens. Public parks, baseball fields, city streets, town squares—these are gathering places that people have a right to expect to be safe, clean, and crime-free.

A strong surveillance network provides tools that alert authorities to issues in real time, before damage or violence go too far. The Leverage team can assist in assessing resources and gathering requirements to develop an effective and efficient video surveillance system for your open areas and public places.

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What is Leverage DETECT?

Not all municipal surveillance systems are created equal. Most cities have a handful of disparate camera systems, deployed haphazardly by various departments, utilities, and school districts. Each system was set up with a specific purpose, but over time has been poorly maintained—and therefore, underutilized. An asset may be identified as useful to more than one stakeholder, but there’s no system in place for sharing camera or video.  Does this sound familiar?


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Developing an infrastructure for a shared surveillance system should be a collaborative process, driven by a technology-focused group that can work with all the stakeholders to first blueprint the current situation, and then diagram a clear way forward. Identifying assets, unifying existing systems, efficiently planning for upgrades, and outlining a strategic plan for growth—this is what Leverage does best. And we don’t leave you to fend for yourself after setup—we’re here, whenever you need us. The Leverage model for life-cycle management ensures long-term success and a flexible, reliable video surveillance system.

Detect Engagement

Our system design experts will guide you through the steps one at a time, from concept through deployment, supporting your success and eventually scaling your system as it becomes more and more mission essential—and help you make the best decisions along the way. We have years of experience setting up successful systems—we are truly the experts in the field.

How Do We Pay For It?

Oftentimes, a law enforcement agency will take the lead in securing funding for a pilot operation using grant funds distributed by local, state and federal administrations. However, once the pilot program is established and successful, it is crucial to recruit support and investment from other departments and agencies that have a common interest in the video and data throughout the municipality: traffic control, school districts, business districts, judicial districts, and so forth. This support transitions a standalone surveillance system into a city-wide, mission essential component, and the sources of funding multiply with each additional stakeholder.

See examples of DETECT in action on our YouTube Channel.

Let us help you get started. Our experienced technology team can help you design and implement the system you need.