Is Your Community as Safe as Possible?

A good surveillance system is, at its core, about keeping communities safe: citizens, schools, officers, and buildings and public spaces. These are all important components of a healthy community environment, but it’s crucial to implement a model of proactive response — that means understanding the situation and reacting in the best and quickest way, the first time.

Keeping Communities Safe

Improving quality of life metrics is a standard goal of any municipality initiative. Citizens want and deserve to feel confident about their safety, both inside their homes and out among their neighbors. Public perception of a city’s crime statistics and incident response can either bolster or erode the public’s confidence in their elected officials and safety professionals.

A municipal video surveillance system is often deployed initially in parks, schools, and public areas. There is usually strong support for such systems, and because they have proven to dramatically decrease crime and vandalism, it’s a great way to earn public trust in a new system.

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Keeping Schools Safe

You need only watch the evening news to worry about the safety of our schools. In a crisis, access to readily-available, actionable intelligence is often limited by legacy technologies and practices. In the critical minutes of a worst-case scenario, emergency personnel have to respond with little or no strategic analysis or tactical advantage. Thoughts and prayers have their place, but real-time video analysis is a real game-changer.

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An unnecessary layer of complexity is added to a critical response window when disparate video surveillance systems are in play, as is often the case when a school district and a local public safety agency have their own security plans. Using DETECT VMS, school cameras can be seamlessly integrated with municipal or police camera systems, allowing asset sharing without either agency sacrificing autonomy or privacy.

Property crime is another major concern of many school districts.  An innovative and effective method to monitor and protect property includes sharing cameras from different surveillance systems. A local school district saved thousands of dollars with DETECT VMS as shown in the video below:

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Keeping Officers Safe

A 911 call comes into dispatch and an officer is immediately dispatched to the scene.  An alert video operator zooms a camera onto the incident, and is able to give the responding officer a live narrative, while simultaneously calling in assistance. Having an extra set of eyes on an incident drastically improves officer safety and provides a forensic record of the incident.

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A strong surveillance network can function as a force multiplier, essentially turning one set of eyes and a well-designed set of alarms into a force of its own. In many cases, a video operator can resolve an incident through direct audio intervention, without ever dispatching an officer. Using a video operator to handle nuisance crime frees up an officer for a more critical response.

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In this age of budget cuts and economic crunches, investing in DETECT VSS is a smart move. Between unifying assets, consolidating video monitoring, and using off-site crime deterrent methods, a community can actually improve response rates without adding a single responder.

Leverage DETECT is a sound investment in a number of ways:

  • Increases the effectiveness of existing surveillance assets through city-wide unification and sharing.
  • Multiplies law enforcement assets and implements PDA intervention in non-critical situations
  • Maintains forensic recordings as evidence for prosecution and recovering damages.

Ask us how.  Our experienced technology team can help you design and implement the system you need.