Peer to Peer Surveillance Architecture and Automated Camera Response


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Peer to Peer Surveillance Architecture and Automated Camera Response

Patent Published February 8th, 2018


Riverside, California (US): Leverage Detect received their patent for Automated Camera Response in a Surveillance Architecture, published on February 8th of 2018. The application is in continuation to Leverage Detect’s earlier patent, Peer to Peer Surveillance Architecture, and the two work together in providing a surveillance system with better detection and response capabilities over the more traditional surveillance systems.


For example, many traditional surveillance systems generally provide audio and video monitoring through a hierarchical system. A closed-circuit television system, for instance, can provide video monitoring through a set of closed-circuit cameras. They are then connected to a single standalone device where the video from the cameras are sent to and viewed. In order for the more traditional CCTV surveillance system to operate, there is a single central controller or device that acce0pts the signals from the closed circuit cameras usually via wired connection. This presents a single point of failure, whereby should anything happen to the device the entire surveillance system can fail.


Digital and networked devices were introduced to get around the wired connectivity. Digital devices can obviously be set up wirelessly and they allow for one or more standard network connections that can be used by capture devices, rather than a dedicated video connection. Utilizing the internet, the videos can also be sent through digital networks, whereas CCTV systems weren’t able to do without great expense.


The digital network based surveillance systems still continue to rely on a centralized controller in order to function. So even though the problem with wired CCTV systems has been alleviated by network based surveillance systems, the single point of failure of the centralized controller still persists in today’s systems. This is where a Peer to Peer Surveillance Architecture with automated camera response addresses the deficiency in these systems as well as providing additional advantages.


Leverage Detect utilizes a Peer to Peer Surveillance Architecture. The surveillance architecture has no central controller because of the independent relationship between its nodes. The nodes of the architecture may refer to capture (camera), viewing, content storage, etc. In this sort of structure there are less moving parts which allows for a higher uptime, real-time situational awareness for first responders, and scalability for large municipalities. When this system is coupled with automated camera response, law enforcement and first responders can respond real-time making the system more effective than a client-server network with reduced reliability.


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