The Benefits of High Vantage Point PTZ Cameras

Every city has a high point – whether it’s a hilltop, a water tower, or a tall building, it’s the best place to install a camera because it offers a panoramic view of the area. And now camera technology has caught up to what defenders have known since the Middle Ages: control the high ground, and you’ll never be taken by surprise.


Here at DETECT, we’ve said it before: a camera is a force multiplier, and combined with DETECT VMS software allows a single set of eyes to cover a vast area, allowing responders to focus on what’s most critical. But a high vantage point camera is even more powerful—it provides an unprecedented level of oversight that agencies and communities are just beginning to understand and take advantage of.

Some of the use cases are obvious:

  • A high vantage point means potentially 360-degree coverage of a large area. One operator could potentially track a car chase and radio important information to officers in pursuit.
  • PTZ capability offers the ability to zoom in to specific incidents as they unfold: Perhaps an emergency at a school or a shopping center that would be monitored from afar.
  • Preset Camera Views means one click immediately puts eyes on areas of high interest. An operator can cycle through several important views in a very short time, affording a comprehensive understanding of the “state of the city” at any given time.

Some advantages are less obvious, or geographically dependent:

  • A large coverage view provides the ability to pinpoint smoke and fires almost immediately. Pinpointing a fire location is invaluable for quick coordination of air response and potential evacuation.
  • Preset Views can be set up for special events. Live track the route of an important visitor, monitor a parade or protest march, or take snapshots of a high-profile construction project.
  • Monitor and consider traffic flow patterns during city planning phases. Address an intersection that has a higher volume of accidents than normal, or use freeway patterns to determine the best time for maintenance.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination, and the needs of your city or agency.



See these benefits, and more. Take a couple of minutes to watch a short demonstration video of a High Vantage Point PTZ Camera, including smart presets and zoom capability. What do you wish you could see?