City Wide Surveillance: A Necessity to Ensuring Community Safety

A community is an important unit in society. It allows groups of people to come together with specific goals in mind. There are academic communities where knowledge flows freely or artistic ones formed to collectively practice a specific art form. It’s important to keep these communities as safe as possible, one way of doing that is with city wide surveillance.


But perhaps the most common (and prevalent example) of a community is residential. You may think these are just suburban neighborhoods but it’s so much more than that. It can extend to the business district and its establishments as well as other public areas where people converge. That said, the cities and towns we live in are effectively residential communities.


Community Safety

One of the most desirable traits of any community is citizen safety. To ensure this, local law enforcement agencies employ techniques such as city wide surveillance. These are systems that make use of cameras strategically placed in public areas, with images fed through closed circuit television (CCTV) to keep a watchful eye on townspeople going about their day.


Some people may consider city wide surveillance as an invasion of privacy. However, this form of technology has helped police officers and emergency response teams to locate people in distress or catch perpetrators of crime. Traffic enforcers have also found that cameras are handy when unruly drivers break a host of traffic laws.



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