Detect Live Webinar on March 11

Join the LEVERAGE Team and other Detect VSS users for a live, in-depth look at the most recent updates and features. Take a guided tour of the software and hear some tips on best practices for seamless surveillance. We’ll be talking about: The future strategic plans of LEVERAGE and Detect Current and forecasted market trends … Read more

How Public Safety Can Benefit from Audio Intervention Integrated into Public Video Surveillance System

public video surveillance systems

Public video surveillance systems should be integrated with a public address (PA) system to make it capable of audio intervention.   Why? Boost surveillance capabilities Surveillance cameras serve as eyes on the ground, providing operators a view of what is going on in monitored areas. With a PA system integrated to them, audio features are … Read more

Best Uses of Surveillance Camera Networks in Municipalities

surveillance camera networks

With several communities spread out in different areas, surveillance camera networks are vital to municipalities.   Unfortunately, publicly funded surveillance systems are prone to technical problems. They also face challenges in building out and maintaining network infrastructure. Given its role in public safety, the use of surveillance cameras should be a priority.   But how … Read more

New Technologies Useful to School District Surveillance

school district surveillance

Schools have been the sites of the worst mass shootings in history. It makes sense to increase security for the safety and security of everyone on campus. That’s exactly what many schools across the country have done, and they have chosen surveillance technologies similar to those used in international airports. Although privacy experts continue to … Read more

The Importance of High Uptime and Reliability in Municipal Video Surveillance

municipal video

Want to ensure the safety and protection of citizens and police officers? A municipal video surveillance system is the best solution.   With technology and operators watching different areas of a municipality at any given time, crime and criminal activities are deterred and minimized. But what if one asset of the municipal-wide IP surveillance system … Read more

Why a Unified Video Surveillance System Works

unified video surveillance system

The importance of a unified video surveillance system cannot be emphasized enough. With CCTV footage becoming a major tool in investigations and as evidence, security cameras are more important than ever.   Cameras also serve as a deterrent.   While it is a good idea for a business to have its own video surveillance system, … Read more

How Proactive Response Helps with Public Safety

No one wants to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. And no one wants visitors to feel uneasy when visiting an area they are not familiar with. Talk spreads fast about the security of a particular location, and negative reactions aren’t helped by reports of crime and other dangerous acts occurring in certain places. Public … Read more

Best Practices for Surveillance and Security

Security camera systems have embraced internet connection. And given that many web-related services have reported troubles with cyber attacks in recent years, it makes sense for security operators to come up with best practices for surveillance camera systems. Not only that, security staff should also think about applying certain practices to physical security for better … Read more