How to Get Started with Comprehensive Video Surveillance

Developing a surveillance plan, organizing assets, and deploying an effective system requires preparation and planning. The Leverage DETECT team are experts in designing the best system to meet your requirements. We work with you from the very beginning concept stage through deployment. And, we’re here to support you after setup, for the full life cycle of the system—when you’re ready to scale up. We’re here when you need us. Learn how to know when you’re ready to take the leap from a camera system to a surveillance network.


Detect Engagement

Every DETECT VSS includes:

  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Proven uptime and reliability
  • Near zero latency / real-time response
  • Unattended alarm and response automation features (DETECT)
  • Sharing of assets with other VSS
  • System health monitoring tools
  • Shared incident libraries
  • Watermarked preservation of video evidence



A Comprehensive Municipal Surveillance System


Why DETECT is the Right Partner

Developing an infrastructure for a municipal surveillance system should be a collaborative process, driven by a technology-focused group that can work with all the stakeholders to first blueprint the current situation, and then diagram a clear way forward. Sharing assets, efficiently planning for upgrades, and outlining a strategic plan for growth—including funding—this is what Leverage does best.


The non-proprietary DETECT Video Surveillance System can absorb the assets you already have invested in, and work seamlessly with new technology—plus, it can scale over time into the reliable surveillance program you’ve always needed. The Leverage model for system management ensures long-term success and a flexible, reliable VSS.


Unattended Alarm Response Features

DETECT VSS provides a sophisticated automated response features that trigger alerts and camera actions without requiring live monitoring. These triggers can be customized by schedule or according to a geofence violation, and notifications can be personalized depending on the time or type of violation. The alarms are automatically logged on the system and can be addressed at a more convenient time. These features free up personnel without sacrificing incident recording.


Detect in Action

See for yourself how the right surveillance solution can positively influence officer response, public space monitoring, city-business relations, and nuisance crime.


Watch the Detect in Action video series on our YouTube site

Let us help you get started

Our experienced technology team can help you design and implement the system you need.