The Importance of High Uptime and Reliability in Municipal Video Surveillance

Want to ensure the safety and protection of citizens and police officers? A municipal video surveillance system is the best solution.


With technology and operators watching different areas of a municipality at any given time, crime and criminal activities are deterred and minimized. But what if one asset of the municipal-wide IP surveillance system fails?


Keeping a close eye doesn’t necessarily work when one eye is blind. This will cause confusion and failure to respond to emergencies in real time. This is why high uptime and reliability must be ensured.


Why High Uptime and Reliability is Important for Municipal Video Surveillance

  • Ensure emergency and quick response in real time.
  • Preserve video assets and ensure easy access to them.
  • Share real-time information virtually, and by other necessary means.
  • Protect the lives of the citizens and responding officers in any situation.
  • Increase confidence in a municipality’s ability to protect its entire community.


A municipal video surveillance system creates and fosters a safe environment for its citizens. But downtime and system failure will render it useless. It is important for the health status of the surveillance system to be monitored constantly and for contingency plans to be in place in case one system goes down.


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