The Benefit of Real Time Video Response to Law Enforcement

With law enforcement often outnumbered by the population they need to protect, and the number of criminal activities happening in different areas at the same time or at any given time, they need all the help they can get to improve their operation and ensure the safety of everyone.


This is where real time video response can help. More eyes see firsthand any malicious activity. There are more options to respond, deter, or stop a threat altogether.


How Law Enforcement Benefits from Real Time Video Response


Improve Citizen Safety

Video surveillance installed in public areas, such as schools, parks, and other public places, help deter crimes. This results in decreased crime rate and creates a safe environment for the citizens.


If people feel safe inside and outside of their homes, their quality of life improves. A town or a municipality’s confidence in their ability to protect their citizens will also improve.


Save a Call for Service


Real time video response can be integrated with audio intervention. Using a public address system, a video surveillance operator can help prevent and deter criminal and nuisance activity.


If audio intervention works, alerting the cops to the scene will be unnecessary. Law enforcement can better focus their attention on dire situations.


Situational Awareness

During an ongoing event where police officers respond to an emergency or crime, a video operator can provide them information about things they can’t see or don’t know about.


Real time response can provide instant awareness for the responding officer, telling them where the nearest exit is, which alley is closest to where the crime is happening, where the criminal has run off to, and the like.


Ensure Safety of Responding Officers

There are cases when an officer is dispatched to the scene and will need additional assistance or backup. A surveillance system providing real time response can make that call while providing the responding officer a narrative of what is happening close and around them.


An extra pair of eyes can change the outcome of an event. More importantly, a responding officer will have the protection they need.


Virtual Interaction

Video surveillance tools can be shared with police officers so they can get the same view, content, and information of the scene in question.


Oftentimes, it is enough for details of the situation to be shared over the airwaves. But members of law enforcement have the ability to interpret a person’s reaction and body language which will aid in their assessment of the situation.


This will help responding officers to make better decisions when they move in on a scene, apprehend a criminal, or respond to a call for help.


Shorten Response Time

With pertinent details provided, emergency responders can make the best decisions as quickly as possible. As simple as providing details of the traffic situation will help get them to the scene quickly.


As soon as responders reach a different jurisdiction, a real time video response operator can pass the information to the concerned agency and ensure continuity of the delivery of details.


With this platform, interaction and collaboration are facilitated at a high-level. Information is relayed, clearly, and directly. The possibility of misinterpretation and the amount of time needed to broadcast information is also minimized.


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