Potential Pitfalls of Cloud Surveillance

The past few weeks has shown some negative press about cloud-based security camera providers. It seems like vulnerabilities are being exploited on an almost daily basis, which might make you wonder if there is a safer solution for large scale municipal surveillance. That’s where DETECT comes in — we understand the reasons why so many organizations are mandating a cloud-first approach, and we can design a hybrid cloud solution that lessens the impact of exploitations while keeping the most critical data 100% secure on-premise.

What makes cloud solutions so appealing?

Cloud-based technology and solutions have become more and more mainstream, especially in the commercial security industry. End users have come to expect cloud technology in every aspect of their lives, so on the surface, a cloud-based commercial security solution is no exception.

The security industry embraced two major benefits of cloud tech: remote access and data backup. These capabilities remove the reliance on onsite hardware and allow organizations to monitor their security technology from a smartphone. All at once, there was no need for DVRs, servers, or specialized IT staff. This makes the systems cost-effective and flexible, but it can come at a pretty steep cost in terms of technical expertise, when something goes wrong.

Vulnerabilities of cloud systems

You may have heard that a group of hackers breached Verkada (a provider of enterprise security software and hardware) and gained access to the live feeds of 150,000 security cameras. They managed to gain “super admin” level access using a password found on the internet, which allowed the hackers to access the internal networks of some of Verkada’s customers. They were able to view video from inside women’s health clinics, psychiatric hospitals and the offices of Verkada itself—thousands of organizations were exposed, including Tesla, Cloudflare, schools, hospitals, prisons, and private businesses. And Verkada isn’t the only offender – a number of well-known providers are playing fast and loose with their clients’ privacy.

Read about the Verkada hack on IPVM.com.

“Hostage as a Service”

When an organization buys into a subscription-based security system, it is inherently trusting that company to provide the services it was promised. After cameras are purchased, a subscription is required to use them – you have to pay to use your own hardware! The interface you pay for also only allows you to use cameras purchased from the subscription service, so even if you have other assets in your possession, you won’t be able to use them.

Your organization could find itself locked into a surveillance ecosystem that isn’t all it was supposed to be, and the large up-front investment is useless once the subscription license is no longer valid.

Read “Hostage as a Service” on IPVM.com.

The benefits of owning your surveillance system

DETECT VMS is an on-premise video solution, which means it provides the highest level of network security and breach prevention. The administrator controls who can view, save, and share video. No hack is possible because your data is never in a vulnerable position. In Public Safety and Municipal installations particularly—where chain of custody, tamper-proof fail safes, and authenticity validation are critical—why take a chance that your video can be compromised?

That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. If your surveillance plan requires cloud-based benefits (such as live video for authenticated users), we can easily accommodate that requirement while at the same time mitigating the risk of leaks or hacks.

In addition, you own your hardware, and it’s not irrevocably tied to the DETECT system. If you decide to halt your surveillance program or move in a different direction, your assets are yours to do with as you please. A camera should never become a brick, and a true partner would never lock you out of your own assets.

If the higher up-front cost is what has your organization looking into subscription surveillance, ask us about our new Lease-to-Own financing options for full, large-scale operations. It’s never been easier to afford a professional comprehensive surveillance solution.