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FCC Ban on Chinese Cameras

Hidden impact on consumer-grade camera systems Congress recently passed legislation to effectively ban the importation and sale of all new products from Chinese surveillance giants Dahua and Hikvision in an effort to secure networks and protect the privacy and safety of U.S. citizens. However, even if someone is aware of these bans, it is extremely … Read more

Video Surveillance as a Service

Avoiding a Hostage Situation Technology is a fact of modern day-to-day life. We have apps for everything under the sun that generate massive amounts of data. Technology has become so integral to our existence that it has, along with many other industries, naturally evolved toward a subscription model. Packages of expensive hardware and software are … Read more

Potential Pitfalls of Cloud Surveillance


The past few weeks has shown some negative press about cloud-based security camera providers. It seems like vulnerabilities are being exploited on an almost daily basis, which might make you wonder if there is a safer solution for large scale municipal surveillance. That’s where DETECT comes in — we understand the reasons why so many … Read more

City of Covina Unification Project


LEVERAGE thanks Chief of Police David Povero of the Covina Police Department for his assistance with this article.   Over the years, the City of Covina had worked hard and made great strides in redeveloping its downtown area to improve and attract new retailers, new customers, and create a vibrant community center for the public. The … Read more

What is Comprehensive Video Surveillance?

arge-scale surveillance is complicated. Developing a surveillance plan, organizing assets, and deploying an effective system requires preparation and planning. You are assigned a Leverage DETECT engineer who will work with you from the very beginning concept stage through deployment. We also stick around to support you after setup, for the full life cycle of the system— and when you’re ready to scale up, it’s virtually seamless. We’re here when you need us.

Basic Camera Considerations

Surveillance technology has improved immensely over the last few years, and is constantly improving. A good camera can provide excellent imagery, even under less-than-ideal placement circumstances but is generally a long way from “set it and forget it.” By selecting the right hardware for each situation, you can dramatically improve image quality and be sure … Read more