How Public Safety Can Benefit from Audio Intervention Integrated into Public Video Surveillance System

Public video surveillance systems should be integrated with a public address (PA) system to make it capable of audio intervention.



Boost surveillance capabilities

Surveillance cameras serve as eyes on the ground, providing operators a view of what is going on in monitored areas. With a PA system integrated to them, audio features are added, extending camera features to audio.

Minimizes need for law enforcement intervention

Imagine a group of people sneaking into a closed park at night. Looking through a camera, many scenarios come to mind on what the group plans to do. With an audio intervention system to go with public video surveillance systems, you can make an announcement and warn them that someone is watching.


Two things can happen—the group leaves or insists on staying. If it is the latter, only then will you have to call law enforcement to the scene.

Deter crimes and malicious intent

Going back to the previous example, knowing there are eyes trained on them will ruin any plans they have. Camera operators can then alert law enforcement to be on the lookout should the group choose to take their plans somewhere else.


Save local government crime-response expenses

Responding to a crime or incident involves money. Even more money will be required to fix any damage caused by the incident. If an incident is stopped before any damage is done, the municipality can save money and resources.

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