What is Comprehensive Video Surveillance?

There’s so much more to video surveillance than just putting up a few cameras. Sure, that can be good enough for a small space, but for a large building or a wide geographical area, there are solutions that can do a much better job of securing and monitoring.

So yes, the DETECT Video Surveillance System integrates cameras—the heart of surveillance is, after all, the video. But DETECT VSS is much more than a video viewing solution because it provides a powerful interface for scheduling, viewing, sharing, and monitoring surveillance assets.

Every DETECT VSS includes:

  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Near zero latency / real-time response
  • Proven uptime and reliability
  • Unattended alarm and response automation features
  • Asset sharing and disparate system unification
  • System health monitoring tools
  • Shared incident libraries
  • Interview Room capabilities
  • Watermarked preservation of video evidence

Watch this short video for a quick overview of Leverage DETECT.

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Why DETECT is the Right Partner

Large-scale surveillance is complicated. Developing a surveillance plan, organizing assets, and deploying an effective system requires preparation and planning. You are assigned a Leverage DETECT engineer who will work with you from the very beginning concept stage through deployment. We also stick around to support you after setup, for the full life cycle of the system— and when you’re ready to scale up, it’s virtually seamless. We’re here when you need us.


If your city or agency is considering a municipal-wide surveillance system, it’s important that the infrastructure design begins as a collaborative process. DETECT is an experienced, technology-focused group that can work with all the stakeholders to blueprint the current situation, then diagram a clear way forward. Sharing assets, efficiently planning for upgrades, and outlining a strategic plan for growth—including funding—this is what DETECT does best.

If your collaborative agencies already have cameras, the non-proprietary DETECT Video Surveillance System can absorb those assets and minimize the new equipment purchases you need. The VSS will seamlessly integrate your existing and new technology—plus, it can scale over time into the reliable surveillance program you’ve always needed. The DETECT model for system management ensures long-term success and a flexible, reliable VSS.

Detect in Action

See for yourself how the right surveillance solution can positively influence officer response, public space monitoring, city-business relations, and nuisance crime.


Watch the DETECT in Action video series on our YouTube site

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