Benefits to Utilizing Unified Video Surveillance

The application of unified video surveillance has been utilized in many areas in the public and private sectors of society. But there are those not aware that a unified video surveillance system has many benefits such as the following.

  • Preservation of the existing analog investment by the combination of analog cameras and DVRs with high definition IP cameras and NVRs.


Unified Video Surveillance

Many companies may have considered the replacement or supplement of existing analog-based products. But implementing a unified video surveillance system into an existing setup can be a perfect solution for them. This is because it can give them a single interface in viewing live images from both IP and analog cameras, as they manage live or recorded video from NVRs and DVRs. This can also give them added capability in managing other security applications, including access control, fire, and intrusion in just one unified system.

  • Expansion of the unified video surveillance operations in an easy and cost-effective manner as your needs improve.


The transition to a unified video management platform has several easy benefits. Such would include the integration of existing analog cameras, NVRs, and DVRs that would fit within your timeline and budget. This can also better leverage your company’s legacy equipment and get the most value in the centralization of your video surveillance operations. This will also improve video surveillance operations as you deploy IP cameras, video analytics, and automatic alerts, among other functionalities.

  • Benefit from the advanced features of IP video recorders and HD cameras in areas of interest in order to improve image quality as well as situational awareness.


Analog vs. IP-based Systems

It might be obvious to see the difference between analog systems and IP-based systems. This means that IP-based systems have higher pixel density and better picture quality. It is very beneficial to have a video surveillance system to see exactly what is happening at a particular place and time. However, traditional analog cameras are useful in the security world, which now compete with high resolution IP cameras.


The implementation of unified video surveillance can benefit store managers, who are responsible for chain stores. This is because they can monitor each store remotely for any suspicious behavior from just about anywhere through a network connection.


Both live and recorded videos will be available for viewing any time, which reduces the need for specialists for the monitoring of shoppers in each store. Unified video surveillance also enables rapid evaluation and recognition of crime or emergency so that the appropriate agencies can respond rapidly.


Store owners can also take the alarm from the pedestal and the camera will immediately send an image or clip anywhere through email. Thus, clear face shots of potential criminals for evaluation and redistribution to several other locations.


HD IP Cameras

In addition, a unified video surveillance system uses HD IP cameras to detect faces dynamically and increase the bit rate or the clarity surrounding these faces in real-time. In other words, it can operate at a network-friendly level, as it delivers crystal-clear facial images in an instant.


Overall, the implementation of a unified video surveillance system should also have several other advantages.

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Higher security and resilience


Remote security done through a secure link should enable service teams to assess and review system performance from their own operating base.


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